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Body of Art

Belle is all about creating custom, commissioned portraiture for clients - and that means I get to do some pretty cool things!

Of course, sometimes you need to work out a new technique, use a new product, or try a new approach - so I will often book a 'test' shoot to experiment.

In this case, we setup a test to experiment with different colours of UV (Ultra-violet) sensitive body paint to see how they react under different lights.

Since it was a test shoot, we invited a couple of students in from Red River Community College to film a "behind the scenes" video for one of their class projects.

Check out this Video from Tamika Reid and Ethan Krushel that gives you a glimpse into the process! Featuring Kim Brennan of Winnipeg Body Paint.

Great results from our little test shoot, and we learned a bit more about how to get the exact colour results we want!

Plus, we got to help out some local College students with their project.

Now we can't wait to book the real shoot! (hint: it's Avatar inspired)

Thanks to Maya Fastabend for being our UV test subject!

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