• Paul

Bling, Baby!

… it’s about being a model for a day.

I think the most difficult part of writing a blog is coming up with a topic, after all I’m not very interesting (covered in my first blog post) - so I’ve decided to talk a little about what makes a portrait session at Belle Art Portrait unique.

After all, this is not quite as simple as your average boudoir session....

You see, I’ve spent the last few years as a Commercial Photographer.

That means photographing a wide variety of things, and for me it also meant a lot of Fashion & Glamour photography.

What’s always struck me about a commercial Fashion shoot is the great big fantasy that we construct. 

With the right team, we turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. 

Having lived through it many, many times - I know that it’s a fun, exhilarating process, and that you don’t have to BE a fashion model to look like one. 

Every woman I’ve ever met would be thrilled to have photos that help them look alluring, sensual and powerful all at the same time!

But the vast majority of women have no idea where to start, or they feel they need to lose weight, have nothing to wear, or will just feel silly posing in front of the camera.

You’ve all said it…or at least thought it… “Well, shit - if I looked like her I could do that too!”

But - the fact is, pretty much anyone can do it, and every woman has a beauty they should try to celebrate!

Now….I have a confession to make. I love hair and makeup and dresses….especially VINTAGE! (No, I don’t wear them, I just enjoy the whole process!)

So I’d like to take you into a recent shoot I put together for Rachael, with the help of some amazing people and local vendors.

So how do we start?

Shopping of course!

You should make a little trip to WildWood Rose Vintage & pjVINTAGE!

The store is located just down the street from the Belle studios on Mc Dermot Ave. in the Exchange.

The owners, Patti (WildWoodRose) and Pieter (pjVINTAGE) have worked in the Film and Fashion industry for years, and both have a passion for Vintage. The selection of amazing garments, shoes and accessories is just fantastic - and it’s easy to kill a few hours playing dress up (which we did!).

Generally for a shoot like this, we pick a primary, a secondary and a ‘Backup’ outfit to make sure that we have options on the shoot day - the prices are SO reasonable it’s very affordable to splurge, and in some cases a rental can be worked out if the client doesn’t wish to own the garment.

Now - is Vintage for everyone?

Maybe not, but todays’ Fashion trends tend to borrow from almost every era - so the shoot doesn’t have to be ALL vintage, but we CAN simply borrow some eclectic elements to design your own edgy look for your shoot!

Of course, we don’t need to include a vintage element at all - that’s up to the client!

Styling & Personal Shopping services from your amazing partner in crime, Monique Andrew - Style Hunter Fox are key!

Need help picking your outfits? She’s on it!

The next order of business is Hair, Makeup and Accessories.

The Hairstyle and Makeup is carefully coordinated with the wardrobe and set design for a seamless storytelling experience.

And of course - Jewelry!

….now, did I mention that I love Vintage?  Well….we went over the top with amazing pieces from Vintage Bling.