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About Paul

Paul Misseghers, MPC Winnipeg Master Photographer
2015 - National Accreditation, Glamour Portrait
2016 - National Accreditation, Figure Study
2017 - Master Photographer, Commercial
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Master Photographer, Commercial (MPC) Desigation
Paul Misseghers, MPC

Paul worked as a Commercial / Portrait photographer between 2014 and 2019, under the Belle Art Portrait brand.


Belle Art Portrait closed in Sept 2019, however Paul is continuing his passion as a hobby, not his career.

Paul enjoys helping Models start and grow their Fashion & Art Portfolios in a safe, supportive environment


He also remains available for commissioned client work, if requested.


Paul achieved his Masters Designation in Commercial (Fashion / Portrait) Photography in 2017.


Before attaining his Masters, he also earned dual National Accreditations in Fashion / Glamour and Figure Study (Art Nude).

All of Paul's designations required him to meet strict requirements and undergo assessment by panels of qualified judges both in Canada and Internationally.

He has been married to his exceptional wife Tanya since 2001, and is a proud cat dad to Bobbi the tabby cat.


International Awards

Queen of the Damned - Women's Photography

Circus of Dreams - Women's Photography

2 Prestige Awards in 2018
4 Awards of Distinction in 2018

Divinity's Toll - Fine Art Portrait

Fractured - Portrait

Canadian Awards
PPOC, Professional Photographers of Canada best in class Award winner, 2016
PPOC, Professional Photographers of Canada best in class Award winner, 2015

Autumn's Embrace - Nude / Figure Study

Broken Promises - Illustrative Storytelling

2016 Best Portrait Manitoba
2015 Most Creative Image Manitoba
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